Sermons (I’m Especially Glad I Preached)

In a manner of speaking, I’ve been “blogging” for more than 25 years.

Let’s see: 25+ years, about 48 sermons per year…  That’s over 1200 sermons!  Okay, a few of those years were spent as an Associate Pastor (where you got fewer bones thrown your way… usually the Sundays after Easter and Christmas) so we’ll call it 900 sermons.  And, yes, I admit I’ve “re-enlisted” a few of my “gems”.  So, we’ll call it 600 sermons.  Still, that’s a reasonable number of “posts.”  Of these 600, many have been lost and/or forgotten — some by accident and poor record-keeping, many by design.

Numbers aside, there are some sermons and some sermon series which I consider most relevant to who I am and what I’m about in my quest for “an authentic dance with God, self, neighbor and a 21st Century world.”  These, I share here in the hopes of expanding the “dance floor” and the number of partner-ideas on that dance floor.

For the longest time now, I’ve walked away from Sunday sermons and other messages with a grading system of sorts in mind.  With baseball imagery in mind, I’ve asked myself, “Was that a single, double, triple or home run?”  To the credit of my self esteem, I rarely have struck out or hit a single.  To my humility’s credit (if you can use those words together), I have rarely, if ever, hit a home run.  (It’s funny, I might add: the number of Pastors I have met across the years who use this same kind of baseball rating system.  Prompted me to “google” the phrase “home run sermon,” in fact.  I came up with over 4,700 hits!)

Anyway, back to this “post.”  If you’ll excuse the mix of metaphors — from dance floor to baseball diamond, I’d suggest that this section of my blog contains some of my favorite “hits.” Hear me now, I am not saying “greatest” or “best” hits.  Such is really not for me to judge.  (Nor is it really yours, either!)  No, these are my favorite hits: the sermons which have passed the tests of 1) being those messages or Sunday “posts” which have best resonated with the Center in me and 2) being those messages which best inform the “authentic dance” I am seeking in this blog and in my life and living.

Yes, in a manner of speaking, these “hits” have made me “dance” or have best conveyed the “dance” I seek.  As your inclined to explore and engage, I pray they have some of the same impact on you.

To date, the following can be found in this section:

* Series: Emotionally Healthy Church/Discipleship

* Series: The Sacred Romance

More coming!

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