About Me: “Chapters in My Dance”

Easier would it be to give a static bio.  You know, date and place of birth, places I’ve lived, schools attended,…

It’s my hope, though (despite appearances [of this section] to the contrary), that this this site will serve the “dance” and “dancing” — and not necessarily me, per se.

Filters, then, for this section are things like: how I came to see life as a dance, how I’m learning to dance [better], lessons I’ve learned in my stumblings and stepping on toes, gifted “dancers” I’ve had the joy of encountering and learning from,…

At least for now, the following “chapters” seem convenient as divisions in my life as a dancer:

  • Beginnings in Discipleship
  • Seminary: Credo
  • Seminary: Niebuhr’s “The Purpose of the Church and Its Ministry”
  • Work with Dr. Jim Fleming
  • Spiritual Formation (& Benedictine Spirituality)
  • Ministry (& Church Administration/Leadership)

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