“See Through the Scriptures,”                                          Session 1: Course Introduction/Overview

This last week, we began a Fall series at A&M UMC:  a survey of the Christian scriptures…  for beginners and those seeking a refresher.

Incorporating materials that I have used in other settings (with thanks, in part, to Lutheran pastor, Harry Wendt, for some of his materials which I employ), “See Through the Scriptures” seeks to illuminate the narrative to which the Bible points – as well as the life that “metanarrative” seeks to define and inform.

“Prolegomena” [literally, words said beforehand] was a fancy word they used in Seminary to define opening comments in a course.  It was and is very much the spirit of this first session: a sense of foundational issues [suggesting the importance of having clear eyes as we approach the Scriptures] and some definition of our path forward.

In addition to the video, below (which takes the session audio line and positions it behind session PowerPoints and video clips), materials [downloadable by clicking on the hyperlinks] from this first session include:
A student handout for the session,
A Supplemental Reading Handout (expanding upon the evening’s discussion of Brian McLaren and some of his approaches to the Scriptures), and
A copy of the Iceberg Image (employed in the evening’s Power Point) – an image we used to define the concept of metanarratives (as the foundational worldviews upon which values, rules of life/living, and surface behaviors are all founded).

Yes, I feel the pressure to talk more about “metanarratives.”  (I am tempted to expound upon a thought-provoking discussion by David Gary Stratton, over at his blog, “two-handed warriors” [cf., http://garydavidstratton.com/2017/05/04/casablanca-and-the-four-levels-of-worldview-why-everyone-meets-at-ricks/]–a post which creatively dialogues with the movie, Casablanca.  [What a movie discussion??!?!?!!])

I save that for another day, though, as, again, the press to get this material out there prevails!

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