A Survey of the Life of Jesus, Session 1

Too much has happened and too much time has passed since I last engaged — really engaged and populated — this site.  (There’s room and reason to share and process events and developments from the course of the last few years.  That’s bound to happen in coming weeks and months.)

A convenient and meaningful reason to “return,” though, is found in a need to have a portal through which I can share materials related to a “Survey of the Life of Jesus” course which I have kicked off at my current charge, A&M United Methodist Church (in College Station, Texas).  It’s material I have variously shared over the last 20 years — drawing heavily upon my work with Dr. Jim Fleming in the Holy Lands (first as a student and, then, as manager of the stateside operations of his Biblical Resources).

It’s my hope each week through this Summer (of 2017) to not only post videos of weekly sessions (reflecting not just the audio line but also powerpoint slides/images employed in each week’s session) but also handout materials and other discussions/materials relevant to class conversations.  (And, in between?  Hopefully, there’ll be room for other ponderings and musings!)

As in previous offerings of this course material, Session 1’s focus was/is an overview of the course — with a introduction to the “Biblical Stage” upon which our Scriptures and the Life of Jesus play out.  Downloadable handout materials from the session (and available by clicking the hyperlinks, below) include:

I welcome all comments (below) as you engage these materials… and watch the video of this first session:

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2 Responses to A Survey of the Life of Jesus, Session 1

  1. Jane Stowell says:

    AMUMC Road Trip anyone? Jim, the scripture garden in Georgia sounds like a good destination for a church sponsored adult road trip after we complete this series of lessons. I am so impressed with the content and the challenges you presented as we seek to develop an adult faith and not one based on misunderstanding and mere tradition. I heard echos of Brian McLaren’s “A New Kind of Christianity” throughout your presentation. So to all of you out there who were unable to attend last nite’s program, I urge you to put the upcoming sessions on your calendar and attend online or in person.

  2. Jim Reiter says:

    Thank you, Jane, for your kind words!
    A trip to LaGrange, Georgia?!??! I’m in!

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