The Power of Forgiveness

I welcomed today’s sermon on forgiveness — deliberately positioned on a Communion Sunday.

Most immediately, it gives me cause to return to this blog —  a real source of joy, an outlet for my creativity.  (I regret the ways the last 6-7 months have derailed me from this and other disciplines.  Maybe I need to process further here?  Then, again, maybe not.  Probably best to just move forward?!)  I look forward to a more regular return to this “means of Grace” in my life.

More important, the day’s focus on forgiveness had me reflecting on what I perceive as the essence of Christianity.  It had me returning to a subject/topic that has consistently been more provocative and stirring than any other.

Among the things I was not able to do in my two church settings (and one of the things this post can facilitate) is present some videos I have produced over the years — videos which highlight the possibility of radical forgiveness in a broken world.

I ponder the folks over the years who have told me “you don’t know what he (or she) did to me” or “you do not know what I’ve done.”  Surveying the stories reflected in these videos, I can not help but conclude: there’s no offense God can not equip us to forgive — either our own or another’s!

The first video (produced in August, 2006) highlights the powerful testimony of Corrie Ten Boom:


The second video (produced in May, 2011) conveys a variety of vignettes of radical forgiveness:



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3 Responses to The Power of Forgiveness

  1. wendycrom says:

    I appreciated Corrie Ten Boom’s statement that she couldn’t forgive, but God could. I can imagine she could not feel forgiveness to the man who killed her sister. It would be a very hard thing to do. In the other video, the man who expressed that forgiveness didn’t mean that their actions were excused or there were no consequences, but forgiveness will allow healing and positive growth to occur – for both the forgiver and forgiven. I will think and pray on this.

  2. I liked Corrie Ten Boom’s statement that she could not forgive, but God could. So it’s not that we have to feel forgiveness, but that we open our hearts to God’s forgiveness and let it flow through us. It is a hard concept – but I need to remember that God forgives us as we forgive others, so, like Corrie Ten Boom, I don’t want the end to come and be unforgiven by God. When I think how horrible that would be, it makes me feel no one should experience unforgiveness.

  3. Mark Beneze says:

    I think moving forward is good. As Aslan said, you never know what might have been. forgiveness, indeed the foundation. In the past few days on old song has come to mind that has a grip on me.
    Keith Green, My eyes are dry. google that and have a close listen.
    glad you are “back”. Been praying for you and your family.

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