One Story to Rule Them All

This Sunday’s [lectionary] Gospel reading (cf., Luke 24:36b-48) has the resurrected Christ appearing one more time to His disciples.  As he’s already done with a few travelers on the road to Emmaus, even so, here: he interprets his life and its import in the context of the bigger Story of which it is a part.  He tells them The Story in which His life and death and resurrection all make sense.

It underscores, for me, the value of our Faith–not necessarily as a host of doctrinal propositions or rules or rubrics, but, as a Story.  It’s a Story which makes sense of all our lesser stories.  It’s the Story which, when lived and experienced, can not help but draw others into it.

Adapting (or should I say “hijacking”?) a video which my Harry-Potter-loving daughter, Katie, posted on Pinterest, I hope I have conveyed the value and import of stories, some sense of the Story we find ourselves in, and the unique position of the Gospel as Story…

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