Living Life on One Buttock… or, ah, One Cheek

[Note/Disclaimer/Admission: I’ll admit that, for many out there, this might be a most unorthodox post for any day — let alone Easter.  Still, it’s the one that’s been peculating in me for the last day or so.  Besides, “for those who have ears to hear,” there may be more about life and living (and Easter) in all this than first meets the eye!    For “liberal” and “flowery” as it may sound, is not Easter/Christianity/Gospel about appreciating the Music of Life and Living (and “The Dance”)… and seeing radically new possibilities beyond yesterday’s narrow conceptions and answers?!  Still not sold?  Then, please read on — and watch!  And, PLEASE: at the very least, take it in before you launch any critiques!)

In our congregation’s Vision Team work  (with Spiritual Leadership, Inc), we’ve been about a deliberate balance of prayer/devotion, of being loving community, and of focused study (on leadership, the emerging culture, etc).  Along the way and in support of this balance, we’ve taken time to view some pretty thought-provoking images and concepts.  And personalities.

Benjamin Zander, Conductor of the Boston Philharmonic

At first glance, Benjamin Zander (conductor of The Boston Philharmonic Orchestra) is nothing more than a passionate lover of classical music with a certain gift/knack for arousing appreciation — even in impatient “unsophisticates,” like me, who know there has to be more to classical music but don’t really have the time or patience to find out what “it” is.  (To be sure, if Zander and his type and his approach were regular features at the Symphony, you could count on my being there!  The Director of Music at Strawbridge, Richard Aslanian, tells me that Bernstein was renown for Zander’s kind of approach and cultivation of the Classics.  Hmmm.  Might we worth looking into!)

But, there’s more to Zander than mere music appreciation!  (Though that’d certainly be enough for me!)  While that’s his specific passion, his higher aptitude/love is that of seeing possibilities and potentialities beyond the immediate.  (Cf, his book, The Art of Possibility)  As he sees higher possibilities for Classical Music in our world and culture, even so he invites us to see beyond the many blinders we’ve tolerated and accepted throughout our lives and living!

“Living on one buttock” (yes, you’ve got to watch the video [which we viewed as a Vision Team]!)…  “Living on one buttock” — or living beyond the formal, stilted rhythms and beats at the surface of life and living: it’s a good definition of Zander and his mission.  And, it is, at least for me, a good analogy/image for the authentic life and dance I seek with God, Self… and You — seeing, appreciating, living beyond narrow blinders and getting swept away in the Music and the Composer!

Grab a cup of coffee or tea… or whatever…

and enjoy…

and get a glimpse of what it means to “lean” into Life — sitting on the edge of your seat!

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One Response to Living Life on One Buttock… or, ah, One Cheek

  1. Fran says:

    I heard Zander speak once at a conference. He is one of the most enthusiastic and inspiring speakers I have ever heard.

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