TAKE 2: My/Our Life in Film…

Take 1 of “A Sacred Romance Montage” ran into copyright restrictions. As a reply or two to that post suggests, I was tempted to find/try ways around these blocks — given my feelings and perceptions about the “spirit of the law” vis-à-vis the “letter” of that law. But, then, I realized it might not be worth it. Even if I was successful in uploading the video, would it  be worth it — if even one individual thought I was “cheating”?!!? (It’s just one more twist in the pursuit of an “authentic dance,” isn’t it? On the one hand, wanting to creatively express one’s self. On the other hand, making sure that creativity doesn’t eclipse integrity [real or perceived].  For truly, in the authentic dance I seek, walk and talk must be one.)

And so, a second “take” to convey the essence of “our life in film:” namely, presenting a “storyboard” that gives some sense of selected clips in “Take #1″… and their place and purpose in the bigger montage.  Admittedly, it’s much drier than seeing and hearing the real clips (with all the fades, etc). On the other hand, though, it’s been a refreshing exercise for me to see a little more clearly the value of each clip and how they fit together — fit together well beyond what I first thought or intended!

Rough and crude (and fairly poorly “proofed”) though it is, I offer you “Take 2.” (And for those of you who are local, I offer this invitation: 1) to join me for a private viewing of the montage in my living room [coffee and dessert will be provided] and/or 2) to feel free to inquire about any of the films listed below and request a loan or two from me. Each of the titles is in my collection — something which gives me freedom in the viewing and in the sharing!)

And, until that time when we can share a happy viewing together, I commend this storyboard to you with wishes of “Happy Imagining!”

"Storyboard": Sacred Romance Montage

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