My/Our Life in Film: A “Sacred Romance” Montage

You don’t have to spend a lot of time around me to know that I love the arts – and especially movies. They are an important portal for me into that “metanarrative” (that is, the overarching story/narrative which [consciously or unconsciously] frames our lives) which is the “Sacred Romance.” While some may question the use of video clips in worship, I see them as highly useful.  As Jesus employed parables filled with images to make His points, even so, the right clip (mind you, the right clip) has great potential to convey deep and powerful truths. (For this very reason, watching movies and even editing videos is a meaningful diversion – if not a valued “means of Grace” and devotion — in my life.  Wrapped up, you see, in videos I’ve produced [like “Maverick of a God” and “The Gospel According to Chocolat”] is real prayer… and a certain “dancing” of my Soul with God and the Gospel.)

Very much in the spirit of my Sacred Romance “playlist” (cf, Playlist: “The Soundtrack of My Journey in the Sacred Romance” ), then, I offer this montage of clips from favorite movies – clips representing a full spectrum of movies I’ve appreciated over time and would commend to you. Some are fit for children – being carryovers from movie times with the kids across the years. Some are most definitely not. Some convey the breadth of the “Sacred Romance.” Others hone in on specific chapters of that Story:

  • Creation (and our original beauty and goodness),
  • Crisis and Chaos (i.e., our “Fall” into lesser life and living),
  • Conflict (i.e., our fight for, our journey to healing and wholeness [as individuals and as community]), and
  • Consummation (and the “happy ever after” of our Story).

I invite you to take a break, then. Maybe grab a cup of coffee or tea or hot chocolate. Take a breather to recall “our Story”. See if you can identify the movies behind the clips. See if you can identify the movement of the Story – and movement through the chapters defined above. And, amidst it all, see if you can find yourself in the Story – and where you are… and where you are going!


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3 Responses to My/Our Life in Film: A “Sacred Romance” Montage

  1. momchapman says:

    I, too, love the arts. Movies are a big part of mylife. I have appreciated the messages you have conveyed in the two videos mentioned in this blog as well as how they do, surprisingly, fit into the worship experience.

    So, I am disappointed that this recent montage is not available to me tonight (sleepless in KW) because of copyright issues.

    I look forward to each of your posts.

    • Jim Reiter says:

      Thanks, Karen!

      I struggle quite a bit with the copyright issue. I certainly do no want to infringe on any “profits” to be made… and want to be a Christian man of integrity! Still, the clips I used were minimal… and actually induced folks to engage these films. There’s the letter of the law, yes, but I do not feel the usages of these clips violated the “spirit of the law.” (I not sure if YouTube is not a little too restrictive.) I’ll try one more option here, within wordpress, and if that does not work, I will wave the flag. (Maybe we can have a special viewing at the house with Kathy — over coffee and dessert!?)

  2. Jim Reiter says:

    A little time and prayer under my belt, Karen, and I have decided to do a “Take 2” on this post (and video). At the end of the day, I do not want to be remembered as one who worked to get around fundamental rules like copyright… Sure, I can invoke “spirit of the law.” But, at what price — if even one Soul goes away thinking I’ve “cheated”!?!?! Stay tuned…

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