Forgiveness: “Don’t Cry Daddy… It Will Heal!”

Across the years, no theme has consistently provoked as much emotion as that of forgiveness and forgiving. I believe the emotion is born of a very stressful tension: on the one hand, knowing Christ commanded it of his followers and, on the other hand, our remembering the real pain of what we’ve done and what’s been done to us. It’s a tension at the heart of the cross. It’s the fundamental tension at the heart of the Movement which strives to faithfully bear that cross in the world today. In so many ways, it all comes down to this in the Christian life: how we carry this mantle of forgiving as we’ve been forgiven, of becoming radically forgiving children of God (in the very image of Christ).

As I approach (next Sunday) another sermon on forgiveness (asking the question of whether forgiveness is really possible), I can’t help but recall a story my brother Bob recounted a few years ago – a story which found its way into one of my previous reflections on this matter…

[Admittedly, Elaine was older in this story than the pictures I used in this video! It beats, though, I believe, a barren audio line!]

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