Liturgical Dance: “Live Like You Were Dying”

Summer, 2006.

I was trying to support Associate Pastor (and very dear friend) Richard Luna as he jumped (just one more time!) into Youth Ministry chores at Pollard UMC in Tyler, Texas.

The “bet” was thought of as a way of generating numbers for and excitement at a Youth Putt Put Golf outing: whichever team “lost,” their adult leader would have to perform a liturgical dance at some event down the line.

You guessed it: I lost!

Being the good sport, Richard joined me in the offering.  (The song, Tim McGraw’s “Live Like You Were Dying,” came to the surface when it played countless times on an end-of-Summer Trip to San Antonio/Schlitterbahn.)

While there’s a little trepidation in sharing (something I’ll visit in the next post), I share it (at least for now) as a way of lightening this blog up a little.  There are times, you see, when  I visit and review these posts.  At times, I can not help but wonder, “does this guy enjoy life?!”  To which this video helps me respond: “Yes, with friends like Richard, it’s easy!”

Here’s to you, then, Richard, in the quest for an authentic dance!

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One Response to Liturgical Dance: “Live Like You Were Dying”

  1. Oh Jim you make me laugh. That was awesome.
    Miss you down in Lake Jackson.

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