The “Trinity” as a Dance

“The life of God is a life of self-giving and other-receiving love,” writes Miroslav Volf.  Father, Son, and Spirit are so close that Jesus could say, “The Father is in me and I am in the Father.” The ancient Greek word for this “mutual indwelling” of the Trinity is perichoresis, which is related to our word choreography. The Trinity exists as a kind of eternal dance of joyful love among Father, Son, and Spirit.  (from Ortberg, Everybody’s Normal Til You Get to Know Them)

The early church leaders described the Trinity using the term perichoresis (peri=circle resis=dance): The Trinity was an eternal dance of the Father, Son and Spirit sharing mutual love, honor, happiness, joy and respect… God’s act of creation means that God is inviting more and more beings into the eternal dance of Joy.  Sin means that people are stepping out of the dance… stomping on feet instead of moving with grace, rhythm and reverence. Then in Jesus, God enters creation to restore the rhythm and beauty again. (from Brian McLaren)

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