Dancing… with Purpose… in Ministry and the Church

Fully intended (and still intend) to keep this blog fresh. Wanted at least two new posts a week. It’s still something I have in heart, mind… and will.

Obviously, though, the “tyranny of the urgent” is always there to divert and distract… and, I admit, I am ever there, susceptible.

An “extra time” project of the last few weeks has been production of a few videos to orient leaders… and guests to the Strawbridge Family of Faith. Part as a way of, at least, accounting for missing posts over the last few weeks… and as a way of, perhaps, conveying some of the “dance” I am trying to be about in ministry here at Strawbridge, I share one of these videos on our “disciple-making process.” Paradoxes/tensions are there to be seen — tensions representing “partners” in the myriad dances of ministry:

  • taking folks where they are… and yet having a preferred/ideal path in mind,
  • discipleship (and life in Christ) as our “reaching up [to God]”… and discipleship as our affirming “”[God’s] reaching in[to us],”
  • the paradox of the cross whose vertical beam reminds us of life between us and God… and whose horizontal beam reminds us of life between us and others,…

Yes, so many “polarities” to maintain in the give and take of ministry and being the body of Christ…

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