celebrate what’s right with the world… and life!

Amidst my “dancing” yesterday, came across a man by the name of Dewitt Jones. Worldclass photographer/photojournalist (20 years with National Geographic!), he’s also reknown as a motion picture director (two of his films have been nominated for Academy Awards!) and as an author. (cf., the wikipedia artilce on Jones at www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dewitt_Jones… and his website at www.dewittjones.com)    Altogether, his life experience and his creative perspective have outfitted him to be a most popular speaker.  (Bill Hybel’s Willowcreek Church in Chicago hosted Jones at their Arts Conference in 2007.)

A snippet from a preview of one of his films highlights a major facet of his philosophy of life and living… and dancing. The film is aptly titled, “Celebrate What’s Right With The World.”

(Can’t help but add here that another of Jones’ films is entitled “Dare to Dance”! Hmmmm!)

Truth is, for me, I admit: I waste so much time (and life) dwelling on what’s wrong or what could go wrong. — in life and in the church and in the world — that I miss so much of the goodness and too much of what’s right (all around me… and within)! Too long have I been a master of worse case scenarios. Too long have I worried (and tried to control in [and beyond] these worries). Too long have I been the pessimist who’s more prone to look for and see what’s wrong over what’s right and good!

I’ll agree: not every “dance” in life and living is upbeat and pleasant. There are times, in fact, when it feels like the music has stopped for good… and there’ll never be any room or reason to get out on the floor again!  (Even then, though, I believe that, despite what we feel and see, that what we’re experiencing is really only a rest in the music… and a pause in the dance.)   This acknowledged, I still must confess, for myself: that too much of my living and dancing has been too inordinately and too unnecessarily heavy and somber and flat and negative.

I choose, I commit, now, to celebrate what’s right with life and living… and to be so much more about a dance of joy and gratitude!!!

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