in the dance/reconciliation, some things have got to go!

“Reconciliation”: at first blush, I saw it as the process of bringing everything to the “dance floor.”

Upon further engagement and reflection, though, I’ve come to see that, when it comes to an “authentic dance… with jesus, my soul, my neighbor, our world come of age,” there are some things that can not and must not be on the dance floor.  These things are incompatible with the dance — things like fear, pride, anger, prejudice, self-centeredness/consciousness,… recall a dear Soul coming to me one time — sharing a dream of another dancing, without reserve or restraint, on a beach… eyes closed, hands held up in abandon and freedom… no worries about what others thought… just being free, dancing in the surf.

For all the meaning the dream, unpacked, had for that Soul, I admit it’s meaning and power to me, in me: imagining a free spirit, a joyful soul… forgetting self and being free to embrace Life and living and dance!

I am reminded of King David in 2 Samuel 6.  There he is, in the spirit of Indiana Jones, rejoicing at the homecoming of the Ark of the Covenant.  So caught up in the revelry that he loses his clothing… and streaks through the streets!  (“Ethel, put on your clothes!”) Priceless is his response to his wife Michal when she chastises him: “Hey, I wasn’t dancing for you, but for the Lord… and, when it comes to that, I’ll become even more undignified if I’ve got to!” (Reiter paraphrase)

I love it!  (Not that I’m thinking about dancing naked in the streets… any time soon, that is.)   But, I love the fact that David was so able to forget himself… and do that which is undignified in this world on the way to being authentic before God and Life!

And I consider myself… and how I too often respond to the crowd:  What will they think?,  If I should raise my hands in the air and do a pirouette — on the beach… or even at church, God forbid, would they stare at me??!!!  Yes, I’m too hog-tied by self-consciousness and fear and being in control and…

On the basis of all this I confess and affirm: in the dance of life and reconciliation, not everything is welcome on the dance floor.  Some things have got to go before we can really get to an authentic dance and dancing — to authentic life and living!

Mindful, as I close (with David’s dance in the air), of a Matt Redman song made most popular by the David Crowder Band.  “Undignified” probably won’t have much of a “shelf life” beyond 10 years.  (It’s not that great of a song.)   However,  it (or a song in its spirit) deserves and demands a place on the “dance floor” which is worship.  As you’ve got the time, I hope you take a click and listen… and consider the things that might need to go on the way to being reconciled to Jesus, neighbor, world, life and self!

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