the gospel according to mary poppins

Daughter, Sarah, exposed me to Pandora app on my iphone… and, then, the ways you can have it on the go.

"Mary Poppins" Dick Van Dyke, Julie Andrews 1964 DisneyOn the road, then, I’ ve been listening to “Classic Broadway Showstoppers” — a mix of golden oldies not just from Broadway but from the silver screen.

On a good, long trip the other day heard two songs from Mary Poppins.  Had me thinking of the Disney classic in new ways — overhearing the gospel of Jesus in the process.

First, there was “The Life I Lead” — Mr. Banks’ song of rigid control and worldly securities.  “Banks”: what a name!

Then, there was Burt the Chimney Sweep’s song, Chim Chim Cheree.  There’s Burt the outcast — and oh, what a song of freedom he sings!

Hearing those two songs had me remembering others.  There’s Mary Poppins singing of the old “fool” who “wastes” her money feeding the birds — while apostles above smile down:

Her song is such a contrast to the song of the old fools at the bank:

Showdown time comes… and Banks must make a decision: his rigid world of securities… or the freedom represented by Mary Poppins and company.

More playful and gentle than the contrast between Javer and Valjean in Les Miserables, the choice is still clear: to be a legalist bent on the rigid schemes of this world… or to fly.  I know which I chose.  It’s wrapped up in what I call “the dance”:

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