“two left feet”?

Q: what kind of title is that for a blog/journal?!?

A: it conveys my acknowledgment, that in the dance and dancing of life and living — with God, with neighbor, with the larger world,… even my own soul, i am clumsy, i am a klutz.   i am no “fred astaire”!  here, i want to be careful. i’ve been too hard on myself for too long — and that is, in fact, a part of my struggle to fully dance with my self… and the God who made me. still, there’s the way that i can and must admit my “two left feet” — as, indeed, we all must. clumsiness is a part of our human condition in this world. beyond our own inner lack of rhythm and coordination and our stumblings as reconcilers, there is the tricky but sure truth that — mysteriously and inexplicably woven into our stories and the fabric of our culture — there’s something out there there ever seeks to trip us up.  as dance and dancing, life and living are a journey.  where we start on the “dance floor” is not where we’ll end up.   and where how we end up will bear some but not an entire resemblance to how we started — as me mature and refine and evolve back into, what Buechner calls, our “original shimmering selves!”

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