a need for change

a host of reasons surround the creation of this new blog (or the revision of my old blog)… and format… and focus:

there was certainly the disuse and neglect of the previous blog  (A rearrangement of furniture is something I am occasionally about to get my head and heart back in the game…  might look at this as one such rearrangement)

then, there’s the focus of the old blog: “musings of a United Methodist Pastor seeking to be out of control”…  something about “being out of control” did not settle right…  yes, it speaks of my (or, at least for me, it spoke of my) wanting to get myself out of the driver’s seat to make room for God and others…  still, it felt too “out there,” too “shock jockey,”…

even “pastor’s study” felt a bit sterile and removed…  i fear that, for too many, it was and is irrelevant — to the unchurched, yes, but also to a lot of those “inside the walls” for whom the pastor’s office/study is foreign turf (though i really wish it weren’t and i certainly hope i am not a reason for that “distance”)…  there’s even the way that “study” speaks of mind and head and academics — something i embrace but am not entirely about

and then, there’s the more positive and relevant imagery (for me, at least) of life and living as a dance and dancing…  i’ll speak more to it in the course of coming blogs, but there’s something embedded in the concept of dance and dancing that speaks of the work of God in Jesus, the work of Jesus in His Church, the work of believers (and non-believers) in the world,…   paradox is a increasingly an important word for me…   there’s something about dance and dancing that embraces the notion of paradox and its promise

and so, i invite you to join me: maybe just to overhear my struggles and joys in the dance and dancing, maybe just to figure out what i mean by “the dance and the dancing”… maybe, even, to join me in the dance and the dancing!

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