“You Say You Want a Resolution…”

Annual Conference is over…

Real joy in my heart as I return to Strawbridge!

Among the things Conference does is give me a chance to review the year past and renew commitments for the coming months: commitments in ministry, commitments with family in mind, personal commitments,…

It may not be totally safe to share in this kind of forum. Still, in a Wesleyan kind of way, I need some accountability partners. And so, I share…

  • I want and need to rekindle my devotional life… Things are stale and I earnestly seek freshness in my daily time with Him… in a rhythm that has Him woven throughout my day!
  • I want and need to rekindle my life as a father and a husband… It’s not that things are terrible, but, like my devotional life, I know there’s greater freshness and joy and meaningful intimacy to be found and claimed.
  • I want and need to settle down in my work here at church… Oh, not kick back and loaf. But, recognize that there’s enough on the platter. That, as much as we need to do anything new right now, we need to engage the programs and needs (and new initiatives) at hand… and find time to enjoy each other throughout it all!
  • I want and need to take better care of my physical being… I drink too much coffee and coke. I do not exercise like I should. I am careless in my eating and snacking. I am 30+ pounds overweight (with a whole wardrobe hanging there, unused in my closet)!!!! All in all, it has my short of breath too easily… and sweating like a pig!
  • I want and need to be a better friend and brother and uncle… I want to reach out to folks better and be there for them and learn more deeply what it is to love – love with His love!
  • I want and need humility. I want to harness that “want” in me which seeks attention. I don’t always have to talk. I don’t always have to go for the joke or the laugh to draw attention to myself. I need to learn the art of silence… and really listening to the other – including the Other which is God!
  • And amidst it all, I want and need you, out there – friends, family, brothers and sisters in the Faith… I need and want you all to pray for me… and even hold my feet to the fire. I need your encouragement. I need you to question me – when, say, I reach for that second cup of coke. I need you to know that I want to be better – better for myself, better for you, better for God. I need and want you to be patient with me… and accept me when I fail.

I need and want balance in this walk… and I need and want Companions on these tight rope journeys called life and Christianity!

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