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“You Say You Want a Resolution…”

Annual Conference is over… Real joy in my heart as I return to Strawbridge! Among the things Conference does is give me a chance to review the year past and renew commitments for the coming months: commitments in ministry, commitments … Continue reading

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Joy Journal

In my 13 years of post-high school schooling, two papers particularly stand out in my memory. Both achieved marks of “D.” Both were tremendously helpful as learning devices. The first paper (not a real focus here) was in Freshman English … Continue reading

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“Contra Church-Hopping”… or “Church Membership and Community as a Means of Grace (i.e., a Means of Transformation)”

I’m sorry I haven’t maintain this blog too well of late. Over a month since my last post! It’s not for lack of things to write… and feelings to engage. In fact, it’s the strength of feelings that has held … Continue reading

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