Putting Ken to Bed…

Guess I need to get beyond the afterglow of Ken Medema… and move on. (Though, I admit, I’m on a crusade to have him return to Strawbridge… Maybe the Fall?)

One last story, though, before I move on… Kind of a “good night” story… you know, for “putting Ken to bed”…

Among the most remarkable things one experiences at a Ken Medema concert is his asking for stories from the audience… and then taking what he hears and composing a rich and meaningful composition and song. (Very much the same thing he did with my sermon in the previous post.)

Found the attached audio line from a time when Ken was at the Pacific School of Religion and set it to a picture in the following video. Yes, not much of a video. But, then, Ken’s gift is not so much what he conveys for our physical sight as much as what he paints for our mental, emotional and spiritual vision…


Yes, Good Night, Ken… at least for now… at least in this blog…
And, thanks, Ken… thanks for the ways you wake me up!

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