Preaching with Ken Medema

A dream realized: not just getting to meet Ken Medema, but having him engage one of my messages in song.

For those who don’t know Ken, his is the amazing gift (among many) of hearing a message and then being able to compose (on the spot) a musical response — kind of the Wayne Brady thing (from “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” fame). But, in Medema’s case, there’s an amazing instrumental composition… and very profound spirituality and theology.

And so, mine was the joy of not only getting to meet Ken (someone I have admired from a distance for over 20 years now) but also getting to collaborate with him.

First, there’s the video that preceded the message…

And then, there’s my sermon and his response (which begins around the 28:00 mark)… Truly, as several kidded me, Ken’s “second sermon” was, by far, the best!

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