We interrupt this programming…

“Life is what happens where you’re busy making other plans.” Yeah, right! But what about when you’re sick – neither busy nor living!??!?!

Okay, so here, on the other side of some kind of bug, is the plan… It’s a plan that I was actually going to convey during worship through this last week’s teaching handout (see banner, above):

  1. conclude “Sacred Romance” (SR) series this last weekend (2/15)with message on “Living on Heaven’s Shores”
  2. defer what was originally slated to be the last message in the SR series on how we can and should live as “Resident Aliens” (that is, how we can live as those in this world but not of it)… defer it until this Summer when we talk about “The ‘Means of Grace’ [prayer, Bible study, etc] as the Means of Keeping It All Alive”
  3. commence Lenten series on “Emotionally Healthy Church” this coming Sunday the 22nd (while Ken Medema is with us)… with a keynote question of “do you really want to get well?”

Your head spinning, too? Or, is it just the vestiges of this bug?

With the [now additional] adjustment that this last Sunday’s conclusion now needs to become a blog posting (coming soon!), I am pretty well thinking that’s what we’re going to do…

At least, that’s the plan… and I’m sticking to it…
provided I don’t get sick…
and provided there’s not a hurricane…
and provided Jesus doesn’t come bustin’ in any moment… (Maranatha!)
and provided… 

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