Rescuing the Prodigal from "the Obscurity of the Familiar"

Ken Bailey (referenced below) speaks of the danger in reading and studying the Bible of “the obscurity of the familiar” — that is, our missing a the truth of a passage because we are too familiar with it… so familiar that we have blinders on.

Scouring the internet, I wanted to find some fresh expressions of the Parable of the Prodigal Son — all in the hopes of our seeing it anew. is a great place to visit — unpacking the teachings of Rev. Ken Bailey (a Presbyterian pastor who has spent the majority of his years in the Middle East, a renown Biblical scholar well respected for his insights into Christ and his first century culture). For the ways it conveys the parable with some respect for it’s Middle Eastern roots and for the ways it conveys the scandal of a father running… and the outrage of a village for a father scorned, I find the following video most insightful. (Don’t neglect, by the way, the insights to be found by going to!)

More contemporary is “Prodigal Sons,” a contemporary rendering of the parable about two sons trying to manipulate their father to achieve their own selfish ends. It’s one of several parables available for viewing (and worth watching) at

Frustrating to me is that I can not find any link for you to listen to Christian Rap Artist, Prodigal Son… and his song entitled “Prodigal Son.” His music is acclaimed as “Holy Hip-Hop.” For those willing to get out of the box, it may be worth the 99 cents for the download from itunes…

I’ll keep looking…

As you find a video or article that gives you a fresh insight into or experience of the Prodigal, I’d love to hear about it!

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