Evil Cast Among Us

A small group study on EPIC (a sister work by John Eldredge, the author of The Sacred Romance) provoked one teen to produce the following video about “The Entrance of Evil” in that Story in which we find ourselves. It’s worth a watch for the ways it captures and conveys the interplay of foci from the previous two posts: there’s an adversary in our Story… and there are ways in which this adversary, like other elements of our “meta-narrative” finds its way into our lesser stories and the Arts.

(Note, as well, what I said earlier about the White Witch [from Disney’s first Narnia film], a main focus of the second half of this video: namely, the fact that she’s not ugly or repulsive in appearance and that she offers something so tasty as Turkish Delight. It speaks of the real ways that Evil can deceive and seduce. It’s very much in touch with Paul, writing in 2 Cor. 11:17: that “Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.”)


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2 Responses to Evil Cast Among Us

  1. w_elston says:

    Is it true that evil always appears as good or desirable at the beginning? It is only in the result/consequence of evil that we truly see it. Only in the pain afterward do we understand the real truth about the party last night. It was not fun after all.

  2. If not good and desirable, then certainly more “securing” or “easy.” Yes, there’s a way in which Evil always has something “good” and “pleasant” to offer.But, then, to complicate things: I think of the soul (whether it be the teen in a gang… or a Nazi soldier in WWII) who is caught up in the pressure to conform to the crowd and its mentality. I really suspect that many in the mob are conflicted — even as they “play the game.”

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