Remember Who You Are…

Gearing up for January/February’s series on “The Sacred Romance” — wherein we affirm the Gospel as the ultimate love story (in which we are focal characters)…

Ours, though, is the curse of forgetting: forgetting the overarching story (i.e., the “metanarrative,” as the academics call it) of our lives and living, forgetting who we are, forgetting Whose we are…

A clip from the children’s classic, The Lion King, has long stood out as the perfect illustration for me: of this forgetfulness… and our call to remember… and our need to return:

Yes, we have forgotten who we are [in our baptisms]. Truly, whether we have been apart from the church for decades (or a lifetime)… or a part of it for the same, we are more than we have become. Dear Newcomer… and Old-Timer: isn’t it time to “return” and claim our place, afresh, in the “circle of life” and living?!

Yes, there may be more in our childhood stories and epic adventures than we ever imagined! Maybe our hearts,… maybe our salvation!


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